Town Centre Footfall Flow

Measure how visitors move around all the streets in your  town centre. Identify successes and opportunities for improvement.

Event Performance Measurement

Measure how effective your events are in driving footfall to stores, restaurants and leisure venues. Track dwell time, town centre usage and postcode catchments.

Capture Rate

Measure the proportion of shopping and leisure visits made to the town centre and identify where the opportunities are for growth.

Evening Economy Tracking

Track the current performance of your evening economy and identify the opportunity potential. Measure shopper and worker conversion to early evening visitors.

Audience Segment Tracking

Understand how workers, shoppers and evening economy visitors behave and identify opportunities to increase town centre usage for each audience group.


Understand whether behaviour changes are nationally influenced or consequence of local trends or initiatives. Compare your performance against any other UK BID.

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Footfall Counting

Town Centre Footfall Flow

PlaceDashboard’s footfall flow monitoring enables the performance of every street, car park, shopping centre or leisure location in your town centre to be measured and bench marked. As there is no requirement for any hardware installation, PlaceDashboard is significantly more cost effective than wifi or footfall fall camera counting and fully GDPR compliant.

Benefits of PlaceDashboard footfall flow:

  • No hardware to install
  • Unlimited tracking of streets, car parks, shopping centres and leisure locations
  • Track visits to individual stores
  • Identify visitor journeys across the town centre to help improve town centre usage
  • Measure the impact of initiatives to increase dwell time, visit frequency and audience conversion by street location
  • Identify which businesses drive footfall flow in order to replicate success
  • Understand where workers, shoppers and evening visitors dwell and flow in order to maximise the impact of marketing and event initiatives

Event Performance Measurement

PlaceDashboard’s event measurement enables the success of every event to be benchmarked fpr movement flow, footfall to stores, shopping categories utilised, increase in dwell time and home postcode reach.

Reveal how each event type differently impacts the behaviours of town centre visitors in order to maximise the return from your event budget.

Benefits of PlaceDashboard’s event measurement:

  • Measure footfall flow to individual businesses
  • Track audience flow around the town centre
  • Identify home postcode origins of event visitors
  • Identify which events drive the highest increase in dwell time
  • Benchmark visit behaviours on event days vs non-event days
  • Easily distribute analysis through high quality pdf reports

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Town Events Footfall flow
Town Centre Market Share Caputre Rate

Capture Rate

PlaceDashboard monitors the capture rate of your town centre. Capture rate is the proportion of shopping and leisure visits made in your local area that are to your town centre. It represents the town’s market share and establishes whether the town centre is performing at is maximum potential.

We compare your town centre’s performance against every local retail park, shopping centre, out of town retail location and neighbouring town centre. Move beyond simply counting footfall to having actionable insight which supports informed decisions.

Benefits of PlaceDashboard’s monitoring of capture rate:

  • Correlate increases/decreases in market share against event and marketing activities
  • Identify which retail and leisure locations are attracting your town centre visitors and use this insight attract new businesses to the town centre
  • Measure which postcodes areas to focus on to increase town centre usage
  • Assess which retail and leisure brands your audience desire, which are missing from the town centre

Evening Economy Tracking

PlaceDashboard tracks how your evening economy is performing. We measure the town centres evening economy visit capture rate, conversion of shoppers and workers into evening economy visitors and track visits to pubs, restaurants and leisure venues.

We quantify what the evening economy potential is and identify which dining and leisure brands could be a positive addition to the town centre.

Benefits of PlaceDashboard’s evening economy tracking:

  • Quantify share of evening visits your town centre is capturing compared to neighbouring locations
  • Identify potential evening economy brands missing from your town centre and capture the supporting evidence to support business investment decisions
  • Quantify how marketing activities are impact evening economy visit frequency, dwell time and town centre usage
  • Measure the impact of events designed to increase conversion of shoppers and workers to the evening economy
Evening economy Performance Measurement
Town Centre Visitor Demographic Profile

Visitor Type Tracking

PlaceDashboard’s propriatary technology now enables the separate measurement of behaviours of your core visitor types – Shoppers, Workers and Evening Economy Visitors.

Our innovation enables the unique shoppers journeys for each visitor type to be independently measured and benchmarked.

Benefits of PlaceDashboard’s Visitor Type Tracking

  • Measure the success rate in converting shoppers and workers into early evening and night time economy visitors
  • Track how workers and shoppers utilise the town centre differently and identify opportunities to increase conversion rates
  • Understand how events and marketing campaigns impact each visitor type to ensure maximum impact on dwell time, stores visit footfall and town centre movement flows
  • Identify where to locate events and marketing materials to successfully reach each visitor type


PlaceDashboard is unique in measuring the worker, shopper and evening economy visitor activity for every town centre in the UK, including share of visits, dwell time, visit frequency and visitor travel distance.

PlaceDashboard is the only publisher to provide a monthly indices which measures ALL available retail and leisure locations which can be visited – not just a sample of locations based on the installation of contracted hardware! This ensures PlaceDashboard provides a truly robust and representative benchmark of visitor activity for UK

  • Town Centres
  • Business Improvement Districts
  • Shopping Centres
  • Retail Parks
  • Leisure Parks

PlaceDashboard measures the visit behaviours of over 1 million UK adults 24/7, 365 days of the year, capturing 3 billion location events every month.

PlaceDashboard’s total view of UK worker, shopper and evening economy visitor behaviour enables you to understand if changes in shopping and leisure behaviour is local, regional or national. You can benchmark against any other location(s) in the UK which you believe are comparative, as we measure and track them all!

Benchmark town centre footfall

What PlaceDashboard can do for BIDs

Place Dashboard Features

  • Catchments
    Easily identify drive catchments calculated by analysing the real behaviours of shoppers. PlaceDashboard tells you how far shoppers really travel to shop with you.
  • Shopper Preferences
    Track and measure how your town or city centre fits into the preferences of your local shopper.Drill down to identify which site locations your shoppers prefer.
  • Competitors
    Analyse your competitors and benchmark  visit loyalty, frequency, dwell time and catchment areas. Add any competitor you wish and easily view in your online portal or report format.
  • Interactive Maps
    Visually see how shoppers move around your town centre including heat maps, retailer visited retailers and competitor locations.
  • Reports
    PlaceDashboard can provide a number of bespoke reports including retailer gap analysis, competitor portfolios, location health and national brand performance reports.
  • LocationScore
    Location Score enables over 800 town centres to be compared against each other. Calculated using 8 indices including catchment size, loyalty, frequency of visit, competitors and anchor retailers.
  • 1 billion data points

    Every month we analyse 1,000,000,000 continuous location data points across the UK

    1,000+ towns

    From Wick to Penzance, Aberystwyth to Hull, we know where and how people shop
  • 1,300+ Retail Parks

    We measure shopper visits, 24/7 for every tenant occupier on 1300+ retail parks

    200+ Brands

    We track, measure and rank performance for over 200+ retail and leisure UK operators

    Continuous Data Only

    No ad exchange data for us (it is only 1% useful for in-store visit measurement) - ours is all 1st party and continuous!
  • 1 Million GDPR compliant phones

    All our data is GDPR compliant and contains no personal identifiable information

    Geo Fenced Accuracy

    Every location feature is manually geofenced, delivering the most accurate store visit measurement in the UK

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