Shopper Activity Index

The PlaceDashboard Retail Index is a weekly measurement of shopping visits to 1,000 UK town centres and over 750 out of town retail parks and shopping centres as measured and normalised through the UK's largest opt-in location audience. We capture a million Geo Location Points a day ensuring our indices are truly representative view of the behaviours of UK shoppers. Register today to receive a weekly index for your individual town location.

Jan 2017 | UK Week 3 2017

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Monthly Statistics

Shopper Visit Activity
Month on Month
% change
Retail Sales Value
Month on Month
% change
Consumer Confidence
Month on Month
% change
December 20164.32.33.4
November 20162.16.37.8
October 20167.8332423

Regional Variances

North East0.25%
North West 0.1%
Yorkshire & Humber1.15%
East Midlands1.2%
West Midlands 1.05%
Eastern EnglandSteady

Want more insight? Whether you are a Business Improvement District looking to better understand shopper behaviour, a retailer looking to track competitor catchments, or an investor looking to benchmark your assets, our data will enable you to distinguish between location / store performance and wider locational, regional and UK trends. PlaceDashboard analytics provides a wealth of reports providing the require information to measure location success.

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