Restaurant Week: Grow footfall and repeat business

The Challenge

A town with 25 restaurants wants to increase and sustain evening economy activity by running restaurant week where each establishment offered a discounted set menu price.

The Solution

PlaceDashboard can measure the footfall and average dwell time for each Restaurant before the campaign start to create a benchmark. It can then measure new and repeat customers during the two week event. PlaceDashboard then focuses on customers who attended the restaurant to observe when they return to the town in the evening, which restaurants they visit and how frequent.


  • PlaceDashboard reports on the uplift in footfall across the town and for each individual restaurant
  • New evening customers are identified. Increasing by 25%
  • Event goers return to restaurant’s at an increased rate compared to none event attendees.
  • There are no negative affect on loyal customer visits
  • Sustained evening activity is measured and reported upon for 8 weeks after the event
  • The data helps dispel restaurant concerns that discounted menu promotions do not drive long term growth
  • The town plans to run two events year as they generate buzz in the town, accelerate visitor growth with modest customer acquisition costs.

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