Postcode & journey ad targeting

The Challenge

A regional clothing retailer spends budget on bus and outdoor advertising to promote sales and seasonal launches. This traditional marketing strategy has never had the insight data to precisely determine which postcodes and travel routes are the most effective locations to reach shoppers. PlaceDashboard provides the answers.


The Solution

Without having to deploy any hardware by retail operations the marketing team is able to collect shopper movement data pre-campaign. This analysis shows the geographic reach of each store location and the travel routes undertaken by shoppers, enabling the retailers to the high and low density locations of shoppers visiting each store.


With the newly available insights, the retailer allocates their marketing spend on bus routes which link to the high density areas, ensuring customers are most likely to see them. In addition PlaceDashboard identifies stores which are attracting customers from distant postcodes, providing valuable insight for opening new stores.

PlaceDashboard then provides campaign impact analysis based on visit frequency and customer loyalty uplifts and benchmarks with competitor store footfall trends.

effective in optimising events and justify holding more in the future.

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