Bakery Finds Growth Opportunity in Breakfast

The Challenge

A local bakery chain with a mix of shopping centre and town locations believed that breakfast presented an opportunity for growing revenue while incurring limited risk and start-up costs. The product team needs information on the size of the breakfast audience and the stores most likely to attract customers during breakfast hours.

The Solution

By using PlaceDashboard it is possible to measure outside opportunity at all locations around the clock, including hours when the stores were closed. This includes journey start point, demographics, age, gender and frequency of visit near the store and where potential audiences work. By comparing outside opportunity at different times of day, PlaceDashboard helps the bakery to understand where breakfast products could be a viable offering.

Key Findings

Using PlaceDashboard the product team can identify

  • Suitable store locations based on volume of footfall, age and demographics
  • The age and affluence of the audience providing input into product range and pricing
  • Peak times of traffic flow enabling availability of product to be set
  • Postcode for journey start points captured enable OOH marketing campaign location to be agreed including bus, car park and pedestrian areas
  • Location of offices to be targeted with free giveaways and voucher promotions for the launch of the new product range

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