PD Audience

Reach you audience where ever they are in the physical world


PlaceDashboard Audience leverages location, not individuals to enable the delivery and measurement of location based advertising.

  • Brand Affinity
    Reach audiences who have visited a particular retailer or brand
  • Behavioural
    Reach audiences who have specific interests, hobbies and favoured activities
  • Demographic
    Reach consumers based on their age, gender, income or lifestyle
  • Geography
    Reach audiences where they live, shop and spend time

Audience Impact

Ai 1

Exact Targeting
While still in the decision making process, before proximity to store

ai 2

Accurate data
Reduces waste based on specific location-based targeting

ai 3

Geo Conquesting
Target audiences who have affinities to competitor brands


Category targeting
This is a great way to engage consumers based on their real world actions.

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