PD Location

PlaceDashboard enables retailers, shopping centre and property asset managers to use location analytics to maximise the value of retail property

Understand the consumer audience at every location including demographics, dwell times, loyalty and conversion rates


  • Brand Affinity
    Access insight into consumer retailer affinities by store location
  • Audience
    Identify locations with audiences who have specific interests, hobbies and favoured activities
  • Demographic
    Identify store locations who have consumers based on their age, gender, income or lifestyle
  • Geography
    Understand by store location where your audiences live, competitor shop and spend their leisure time
  • Benchmark
    Measure frequency of visit, dwell time and conversion rates; by day, time and retail category


Rental income
Match rental income to audience opportunity


Retail mix
Know which tenants to attract to create the perfect retail mix

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Store location
Identify under and over performing store locations based on location audience potential


Competitor benchmarking
Benchmark every stores performance against your competitors by location


Geo Conquesting
Know where to locate stores to gain access to competitor audiences

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