PD Campaign

Improve the return on marketing spend


How do marketing campaigns drive footfall? Did events, direct mail, and radio campaigns affect shopping in town? Did campaigns boost repeat visits and cross-shopping to stores?

  • Import and view campaigns
    Easily import campaigns which auto trigger shopper behaviour reports
  • Set event locations
    Report against a specific event and location including cross shopping, dwell times and loyalty
  • Campaign demographics
    Identify audience demographics for each campaign and event including gender, age and brand affinities
  • Pre and post benchmarking
    Quickly build pre event benchmarks and measure against post campaign audience behaviours
  • Shopper town visit behaviour
    Measure changes in audience frequency of visit to retail location, town centre, out of town or competing locations



Calculate campaign impact ROI
Identify what events or campaigns drive the best increases in footfall, dwell time and conversion

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Improve Marketing effectiveness
Set ad locations, content and timing based on actual, real-time behavioural data.


Save media costs
Focus advertising on where it most relevant for customers ie. What drives increased footfall


Reduce footfall loss to competitors
Measure the reduction in shopper visits to out of town and competing locations by campaign

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