PD Analytics

Measure and boost retail location performance


Use location analytics to drive footfall, conversion, and spend in retail locations.

PlaceDashboard combines real world mobile movement data and a precise place database to provide real-time analytics on how consumers use retail locations in the physical world.


Real time reporting includes:

  • Footfall index by street location
  • Daytime, evening and night time shares
  • Event footfall, dwell time and retailer visits
  • Most visited stores
  • Most popular shopping categories
  • Shopper market share (town centre: out of town: competing town)
  • Most cross shopped stores and locations
  • Town and store dwell times
  • Loyalty and frequency of visit

Would you like to learn more about how location analytics can help grow footfall, loyalty and dwell times in your town?



Boast Marketing Return
Town wide metrics identify what marketing drives the right kind of footfall


Increase dwell times
Identify what type of customers dwell the longest and attract more of them


Increase visit conversion
Identify which audiences undertake the most store visits and which underperform


Drive loyalty
Understand what retailers and events drive frequency of visit to your town

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