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Real People Movement Data

PlaceDashboard is built on the real world movements of real people. This data is captured through 1st party apps and our own proprietary app – GeoTask PlaceRewards. PlaceDashboard passively measures the location of opted in shoppers on a 24/7 basis. We turn raw data points into store visits for real shoppers. All data is anonymised and aggregated so no individual can be personally identified.

Place Database

We build an accurate view of the ‘place features’ for every town, including retailers, restaurants, car parks and leisure locations. Each feature includes accurate GPS location, retail category and subcategory, location type (town centre, retail park, shopping centre) and affluence indicator, to name just a few.

Quick and Easy to Deploy

You need answers and insights immediately, which is why our PlaceDashboard solution is designed to go live within 48 hours. No more waiting for costly hardware installation or deep IT integration. With PlacedDashboard simple login to your cloud platform.

Actionable insights

We all have access to data, but it is meaningless unless it can be properly analysed and turned into clear, actionable insights. This is why our advanced algorithms do all the complex analysis for you. Now it’s easy to measure:

  • Footfall uplifts
  • Repeat visitors and shopper loyalty
  • Marketing and event impact
  • Visitor duration times
  • Store visit conversion
  • Competitor retail location visits

Simple to use

As we do all the complex data analysis for your, you are able to view all your KPI information on one single page, presenting relevant information which is clear and understandable. Drill down into more detailed reports when required.

Live Demo

Let us walk you through your own PlaceDashboard and show you how can track measure the performance of your marketing campaign , retail park or town centre easier and faster than ever before.

So see for yourself how powerful and easy location analytics can be and as there is no on site hardware to install or maintain, PlaceDashboard is incredible value for money.

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